7 years ago from today I was in China, training Shaolin kung fu in Henan province, the home of the Shaolin Temple. I remember the pain from the training, how I pushed my body to limits I never even thought were possible 8 hours a day for 6 days a week. 

Sitting down and getting up were the hardest things to do. My muscles ached and I needed to use all my power from my arms and upper body to help lift me off when I was sitting down. But I loved it. I loved the rude bell that would wake me up every morning at 5.20 am. A sound that would haunt me for years after I left.

I loved the heat of the weather and the barely there training Hall. I loved that I had to think about nothing at all, apart from get myself out of bed and focus on my training, as strenuous and challenging as it was.

I loved the sound of the crickets and the feeling of lying down on the not so cold sheets after a day training. I loved the barely existent village that could be barely called a village at all because it was made up of only nine blocks.

I even grew accustomed the cold showers after training because there was no hot water.

I fell in love with traditional Chinese culture, Buddhism and a shaolin monk.

That summer I proceeded to my next destination Hawaii, but didn’t spend there long before cancel my ongoing travel tickets to what was supposed to be one off trip of a lifetime before starting university. I returned to the kung fu school where there sound of the children’s voice chimed like sweets bells in my heart and I was surrounded by love and camaraderie through my kung fu brothers and sisters.
I called my mother that summer telling her I wasn’t coming back. “Come back and do your degree! China isn’t going anywhere,” anxiously and quite rightfully, she persuaded.
It was a reasonable argument so I followed her wise intervention and begrudgingly left what I felt was my own personal paradise and everything I loved about it, behind.
Having left behind beautiful Hawaii to return to China, I had learned that paradise is not where you are but how you feel where you are.

There is made myself a promise. One day I will return to live there.


Guess who’s back ;)

Well hello there old friend. I hope this message find you well.

It’s been 4 years since my last post on this blog according to WordPress. That’s quite a while, huh?! I’m sure a lot had happened in your lives, as well as mine.

But guess what, I’m back in China and planning on picking up my blog and writing from time to time again on my thoughts, experiences and adventures. Of course, and whatever other random bits I feel like throwing in.

I hope you stay locked in and hope to hear from you!

All my love,

Jin Feng 金凤

Hi Everyone!

It’s not fair to always write about China! This time I would like to share a piece of work I did for university which I quite like. While researching the paper I felt that I really learned so much and while I’m a tad bit worried that some lazy student might steal my work for their lazy student purposes, I’m actually more keen to get this out there for people to read up on and think about. Of course to share a bit of my passion and work with my readers. I hope you enjoy and I do look forward to your emails and comments, even though I’ve been rubbish at replying to you all ( student life, what can I say!)

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Hi friends!

This is an article I wrote for a friends magazine! She seems to like it so I thought I might share it here for you all to read even though it has nothing to do with China 🙂

Buller Pouring is famous in Bulgaria, in fact I don’t know if that is the correct name for it in English but it’s the closest translation I could come up with. So please let me know if you enjoy! Continue Reading »


Hi Everyone

Lately there was a big hoohaa over the internet about the girl who posted quite negative things about dating Chinese men just after one blind date with a Chinese guy, so my darling friend and favourite blogger Jocelyn over at Speaking of China urged all girls who have experience to share their stories too, to show other versions and experiences with the following in mind:

The more of us that publish thoughtful pieces that transcend the usual stereotypes and assumptions, the better for those readers searching for information on this topic.

So before we get into my person experience with dating a Chinese man, lets get some facts straight. First of all, I think many would agree that the media heavily influences the status quo. I mean  you just need to take a look at teenagers to see how they become clones of their favourite rappers, movie stars, singers etc to see how influential the media is on what is the social norm. With that in mind, have you noticed the negative images constantly and consistently been dished out at the expense of Asian guys?

Let’s look at the stereotypes.

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Hi Everyone

I suck. I know. Haven’t posted in who knows how long but without further a due, here is a list of things I learned about China from my one month work experience trip to Beijing in the winter of 2012. (This is just for jokes).

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I always thought the question is how to stop “feeling”. I judged emotions, being emotional. Turns out a better question may be “how I can start living?”. Filling your heart will love has no use in over- intellectualising every matter, because as many things with life, things just don’t make sense! (If anyone has found some sense to falling in love and other similar “accidents” please let me know!)  And so what? Should we sit there and ponder them forever, blame ourselves “Why am I thinking this? Why am I feeling this?” But how often do we think ” Who I am, How I feel and what I think is a utmost natural reaction to the circumstancces of my life”. Release that pressure!!!!

This is the beginning of my status on a social network I am part of, which resulted in perfect timing between my own observations and experience of life, met with the serendipitous stumble- across an internet friend’s photo which simply said “Emotion is the key” written on his own hand. This came at the exact right moment it was supposed to as it moved me to write this very article. I am a person who has always tried to avoid my emotions, being scared of them, disliked them, blamed them or even felt angry at them. I did not want them, I did not want to feel, the good or the bad, just make it numb! For a sensitive girl like me, life can be quite a roller coaster, but on the other hand, am I really that sensitive/emotional? If I talked in detail about the things that have happened to me over the last couple of years (my whole life even), people would be stunned! (Though may be nothing in comparison to others, the point here is that we don’t give ourselves enough credit that what we are going through is our natural response to life).  I would never have guessed that” is the answer most people can come up with when hearing some what of a shocking past. More frustratingly, people often tend to get misinterpret smiles and laughs and take that as a token that “everything is OK”. This exact same friend explained why he had penned this slogan, stating

“I wrote this because I am my sons soccer coach and all the strategy in the world doesn’t work. If you are excited they play well. If they do something well– tell them. If kids play til 10 years old, then teach them strategy. Otherwise cheer for them.”

This precise statement had a lot more meaning for me than my friend realised, which kicked started a conversation that was at least very interesting to me, as I was beginning to learn and capitalise on my learning, which led to me ironically pouring out my FEELINGS and not my THOUGHTS as I usually do, on my status.
If you are interested to see the continuation of this original post, born from this fun and exciting moment for me which helped me free myself from SO much self judgement and criticism, then please read on!

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