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The question of why I love China so much has been burning on people’s minds and I get asked all the time. And I have to admit, it’s a question I struggle to answer. It surely isn’t because I do not know why, but I feel people hope for a short, simple answer and that it is not.

Let’s get some thing’s straight…!

Firstly, NO!- it isn’t because I watched Chinese movies more than the regular person (maybe a few throughout my whole life) or that I ever even went to China Town. I did not have a heap of Chinese friends before going there (just the one actually and she is more London that I am), and nor was I crazy about Kung Fu. I knew very little about Chinese customs and traditions, or even what to expect. And I really couldn’t care less about China’s growing economy (that was then, now just slightly more interested).



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Dear readers,

Something magical happened tonight. For the past several days I have hated being here in London, I have consistently got annoyed and sworn. On the weekend I resented having to get “dolled up” to go out clubbing, even though it was two of my best friends’ birthdays. I have been suffering with being weighed down by financial constraints and having my wings clipped by fate, keeping me in a country that is not my spiritual home, far away from doing things I enjoy and values that I like. And so, after so miserably failing to upkeep the loving kindness in my heart, I gave the opportunity to think of others. On the weekend, realised that I was not getting dolled up for myself, nor was it important, or where we were going. It was about my friends, their birthdays. Being there for people who needed my presence and making sure that they enjoy their night. As much as I felt lighter, I continued to enjoy thoroughly enjoy myself, letting my hair down, even though I no longer fit in with the drinking or clubbing lifestyle.


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Dear Readers,

Thank you for viewing my blog and Welcome.

It’s hard to know exactly what this blog will turn out to be…

It is my first time blogging, first ever post and further more, it’s coming from someone who used to despise blogging. It just didn’t make sense to me, I never saw the appeal. And as for working out what to press and where? pff….

Anyway, that’s all changed now. Maybe it’s because I discovered a blog that I am passionate to follow which inspired me (check out Speaking of China) or it could be that I discovered a passion and love in my life that I felt compelled to write about. That love is China.


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