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These are just personal affirmations that I would like to share with everyone because they are making me feel good and come from a really good place in the heart, and I’m feeling very happy so I am hoping that these words of joy can bring about some other people joy and happiness or a little comfort in their lives as much as they are giving me comfort, courage, excitement and joy right now. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Wishing you all happiness!!!


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Together with my Master on my last day at the Yuntai Martial Arts School

In the last post, we covered a general idea of the key elements, impressions and elements of my one month kung fu trip China, but how did me experience truly affect me? In this post, I aim to portray exactly what impact those 30 or so days had on me and if I manage to scribe my feelings assertively, then you may be able to catch a slight glimpse of my heart and my true feelings about what really happened on my trip. Maybe as I jot this down I will come to re-live some of the happiness I got to know there. (more…)

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