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Provincial Life

Shortly after I made my promises to you about writing more often and regular diary entries from my holiday, I arrived in Bulgaria on 2nd July, 2011.

My grandfather picked me up. At this time I was made aware that my grandmother was no longer living with him in East Bulgaria, but she had moved to her family house in North Bulgaria, where some of her sisters were available to look after her.

My grandmother always loved the North, it’s mountainous and beautiful, it’s her home, where she grew up singing songs and living a beautiful provincial life.

Prior to me trip I was already made aware that things were becoming more serious as the condition was getting worse. One aunty called me to tell me how my grandmother was getting lost and disappearing when going for walks, already lost her handbag with phones, ID and the like. At this point, she needed constant supervision. Another aunty called to inform me that my grandmother had now walked in to a strangers house, demanding that the people leave, thinking it was her home. Ofcourse, the people were shocked- who is this stranger, crazed woman, coming into our home?



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Training Shaolin Kung Fu and Learning Mandarin @Yuntai Shan International Culture and Martial Arts School

July- August class, 2010

It’s easy to plan a trip to China if you know what you are looking for. Some isolation, high class training, and a patient shi fu (master) were some of my main pre-requisites… 😉


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You get the idea. Right?

Obviously, my holiday of a lifetime included a little more perspiration rather than procrastination so here is my simple guide on How to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime to show you how I did it! I think this simple step by step guide works with any idea generally, but I will mostly apply the rules for the purpose of trip- building.

Step 1: Get an idea! Remember- without direction, we are almost not going anywhere! So get to the drawing room and make a wish!

Something like.. I want to take a trip of a lifetime, get my dream job or be fittest and healthiest I can be. Write it down! (more…)

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